The following is a list of sermons available for listening over the web. To listen to the messages click on the message title. PLEASE NOTE: Going forward all messages will be in an mp3 format so that it can be listened to on a various platforms eg. Ipad; iphones etc.

Messages from 2019



10 Pastor Bob Pslam 88 "God, It Hurts"
03 Pastor Jacob Boer Luke 15: 1-10 Finding the Lost"


27 Pastor Bob Matthew 5: 1-16 "You Are The Light of The World"
20 Rick Mast Exodus 16: 1-4; Mark 6: 3-44; Jeremiah 30: 12,13,17 "Abundance in the Place of Desolation"
13 Pastor Bob Matthew 4: -11 "Passing the Test"
06 Pastor Bob Matthew 3: 1-17 "Who Can You Trust These Days?"
01 Rev. Allan Groen Numbers 6: 22-27; Luke 2: 15-21 "The Holy Name of Jesus"