Safe Church Policy

Please click on the link below for the new Church Policy adopted by Council on November 5, 2014.


Section 1 (Introduction and Definitions and Understanding Child Abuse)

Section II (Policy on Protection Procedures)

Section III (Policy on Reporting and Responding to Allegations and Suspicions of Abuse

Appendix 1 (Ministry Personnel Application Form (Adults) for Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adutls Ministry)

Appendix 2 (Ministry Personnel Application Form for Youth working with Children

Appendix 3 (Ministry Personnel Reference Form)

Appendix 4 (Ministry Personnel Agrrement Form and Covenant of Care)

Appendix 5 (Children's Ministry Registration and Consent Form)

Appendix 6 (Diaper Changing Procedure)

Appendix 7 (Youth Registration and Consent Form)

Appendix 8 (Trips and Offsite Travel Form)

Appendix 9 (Blood Borne Pathogens and Infectious Diseases

Appendix 10 (Incident Report)

Appendix 11 (Suspected Abuse Report Form)

Appendix 12 (Letter of Informed Consent)

Appendix 13 (Confidentiality Agreement)


Safe Church Policy

NOTE: No portion of this policy should be distributed to other churches. This policy has been adapted from Plan to Protect, persmission granted by Winning Kids Inc. 2014 for use by Classis Alberta North